20 is plenty

Some residents have asked about implementation of a “20 is plenty” scheme in the area particularly with regards to addressing speeding issues on Reddings Road / The Reddings.

For information, Cheltenham Borough Council carried out a town wide consultation during the latter part of 2017, the results of which can be seen here:


Whilst there was a majority in favour, it appears any implementation would have to be agreed at a county level. There is also conflicting evidence as to the effectiveness of such measures actually reducing speeds and improving air quality, and no indication that it would necessarily encourage a modal shift in transport methods and a subsequent reduction in car use.

It should also be noted that even if such a scheme was introduced, the main roads through the area (including Reddings Road / The Reddings) would likely be exempt from any 20mph limit. See map below:


Any self enforcement measures such a speed humps and chicanes have previously been ruled out on roads such Reddings Road / The Reddings due to their designation as bus routes. The Section 106 money generated from the Asda development, which was originally intended for installing local traffic calming measures, has now all been spent on the A40 bus lane anyway.

The Reddings is due to be allocated a Vehicle Activated Sign which can be installed, and relocated to where residents feel there are specific problems, to improve speed awareness. Please email us with suggestions for suitable locations.

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  1. 20 IS plenty; at least on North Road East. Been doing it voluntarily for years. Shame we can’t implement it to curb the Boy & Girl-racers

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