Welcome to The Reddings Residents’ Association (TRRA) portal. The purpose of the website is to provide the local residents with useful information and create a better sense of community in the area.

The Reddings Residents’ Association was originally formed by a group of Reddings’ residents in February 2017, as a direct response to a number of planning applications submitted by developers for sites within The Reddings and surrounding areas. It became dormant during 2019 when it was unable to attract enough people to form a Management Committee, which is required in the Constitution. In March 2020, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, it was resurrected to coordinate our efforts.

The Cheltenham Borough Council Cheltenham Plan and the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) partnership between Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, and Tewkesbury Borough Council have the potential to have a significant impact upon the lives of The Reddings’ residents. The Reddings Residents’ Association has an effective voice on any local matters and will always aim to protect the interests, and reflect the views, of all residents who live in The Reddings.

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