TRRA Constitution

 The Reddings Residents’ Association
Meetings held at The Community Centre, North Road West,
The Reddings, Cheltenham, Glos. GL51 6RF


The name of our association will be: The Reddings Residents’Association.
Referred to below as : ‘The Association’

The aims and objectives of The Association will be:
– To represent and promote the views and interests of residents living in our area.
– To seek to improve conditions and opportunities for residents of our area.
– To work to safeguard and improve the local environment for residents living in our area in particular to:
– To enhance and maintain open green spaces and create green corridors
within the area.
– The provision of play or sporting amenities for the young.
– Improvements to our roads and local infrastructure.
– Supporting initiatives that enhance the safety of residents or the reduction of crime and disorder, and challenging initiatives or decisions that do not.
– To support green transport initiatives where they enhance the lives of
– To resist over development or developments that will adversely impact on
residents living conditions or enjoyment of living in the area.
– To work in partnership with other associations, agencies and public bodies to achieve our aims.
– The Association will promote charitable aims to further the above

This Association has no affiliation to any political party and will remain independent of any representations that may be made by them. The Association will reserve the right to highlight where elected representatives are not acting in the interests of residents or the established aims and objectives of the Association.

The Association shall be open to all residents living within the boundaries of the area highlighted on the map shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

All residents living within the boundaries of the area highlighted on the map shown in Figure 1 will be referred to as ‘local residents’ and those living outside will be referred to as ‘the public’ or ‘public members’.

Any local resident can stand for election to The Association Committee.

All local residents are welcome to any events and meetings organised by The Association Committee.

At events and meetings, residents are expected to behave in a reasonable manner. The Chairperson or event organiser will have the authority to exclude from a meeting or event anyone whose language or behavior is offensive.

If any local resident wishes to be explicitly excluded from The Association they can write to the committee indicating this fact after which they will not play any active role in the The Association i.e. they will not be able to stand for election to the committee or voice concerns or issues through The Association.

This association wants to involve as many people in the area as possible and will encourage people to give their views and get involved in meetings and events. The Association will make every endeavour to ensure that everyone feels welcome at events organised by The Association.

The Association will take all reasonable efforts to canvass the opinion of those local residents that are under-represented at meetings and events and will ensure that all local residents have equal opportunities to attend and take part in The Association and its events.

The Association will not accept bad behaviour or comments that could cause offence and make some people feel unwelcome.

The Association will be run by a Management Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. These are voluntary positions with no remuneration.

The Committee will be made up of a Chairperson, Secretary, Committee Members and a Treasurer.

– The Chairperson will chair all meetings and ensure that all present can
contribute without interruption or intimidation. Prepare the agenda with the secretary and ensure that agenda items are resolved.
– The Secretary will deal with correspondence, keep minutes and records. Keep all Committee Members informed. Prepare the agenda with the Chairperson.
– Committee Members will work as part of a team and have the right to represent the association on outside bodies.
– The Treasurer will keep up to date records of all financial transactions and make sure expenses are paid promptly. Make regular financial reports and prepare the accounts for the auditor. Present audited accounts to the AGM.

If vacancies occur among the officers between AGMs, the Committee shall have the power to fill those vacancies except where three or more vacancies occur at the same time in which case a Special General Meeting, advertised for that purpose, must be called.

Committee members should make reasonable efforts to attend meetings and if possible give apologies in advance when they cannot. A member of the Committee may be removed or suspended from their post if they bring the good name of The Association into disrepute. A full meeting of the Committee will be called to consider evidence from all sides and a majority vote will be necessary to remove or suspend.

The Committee will have power to co-opt persons with skills and knowledge useful to The Association who can advise and support The Association but live outside the boundaries highlighted in Figure 1.

Co-opted persons of The Committee can take part but will have no executive voting rights at Committee meeting and should not hold officer posts or represent the association at meetings or events.

Once a year (and no later than after 15 months) the Committee will call an Annual General meeting (AGM). Notice of the meeting must be advertised in the locality at least seven days in advance and local residents should be made aware that they will have the opportunity to make nominations for election or stand for election themselves and to vote for the officers and Committee at the meeting.

– The minutes of the previous AGM will be presented and approved.
– The existing committee will present a report of the association’s activities.
– If appropriate the treasurer will present audited accounts for the year.
– Any amendments to the constitution will be voted on.
– The existing committee will stand down.
– The officers and committee for the next year will be elected. Nominations for officers and committee will be accepted only if the person nominated is
present at the Annual General Meeting or has put in writing that they want to stand.
– If there is nobody willing to stand, the committee will decide whether to start procedures to close the Association down. Alternatively the existing
committee can continue in office to try and redevelop the Association for up to twelve months. It is the responsibility of the committee to recruit a new
committee or formally dissolve the Association within that period.

The Committee of the Association may, at any time call a Special Meeting of the Association, giving where possible at least 7 days notice to local residents, to consider any matter that the Committee may decide should be referred to all local residents.

A Special Meeting of the Association can also be called by 10 or more local residents  this in writing to the secretary stating their reason for wanting one. This could be in the form of a letter signed by 10 people from different addresses. The secretary will ensure that the meeting is held within 28 days and the meeting will be advertised.

This Association will be democratic and open. The Committee will hold an Annual General Meeting and will publicise local meetings and public events.
At least one third of members of the Committee have to be present to take a decision on behalf of The Association. All members of the Committee should be consulted on the dates and venues of meetings. The Committee will try to work by general agreement but where this is not possible decisions will be taken by majority vote.

Minutes will be kept of all meetings of The Association. The minutes will be
presented to the next meeting to be approved. The minutes should be made available to any local resident on request.

At organised meetings or events local residents who to raise a concern or issue to the Committee if appropriate will be asked to give their name together with the road or street name in which they live.

All local residents will be expected to treat each other with respect and act in a reasonable manner at association events. The Chair may ask local residents to leave if their behaviour is disruptive or offensive.

The committee can raise money on behalf of the Association for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the “Association”. This may be through fund raising events or by contribution.

If money is raised the treasurer shall, in the name of “the Association” open a bank account and keep a set of accounts for public scrutiny. Any monies raised through event, donation or contribution will be recorded and banked.

In the event that the monies in the bank account reach a level beyond which the committee deems appropriate for the needs of The Association, the committee will refer to the local residents for a decision on redistribution or reimbursement.

The committee will nominate at least three people who can sign cheques. These people must not live in the same household or be close family members.

The accounts will be independently checked at least once a year and these will be presented to the local residents at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will be responsible for the proper use of any money raised through grants according to the guidelines issued by the funding body.

Committee members will be able to claim expenses incurred in connection with their activities. The Treasurer will keep receipts for all money paid out in expenses to committee members for duties carried out on behalf of the group.

This constitution may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Any proposal to alter the Constitution should be sent to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Notice of the proposal to alter the constitution should be included in the publicity for the meeting. Any  alteration to this constitution requires a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. Proxy votes will be accepted but must be received prior to the meeting.

While it is hoped that this clause is never used, provision should be made to dissolve The Association.

If for whatever reason The Association is unable to:- a. form a committee, b. fulfil its obligation to the objectives of The Association, c. be representative of the local residents or d. for any other reason pertinent in performance of its duty, an open  meeting will be called to discuss the situation that has prompted the action. Local residents will be informed that a decision about the future of The Association is on the agenda and the meeting will be publicised within the defined area highlighted in Figure 1.

A proposal to dissolve The Association will only be carried if agreed by two thirds of the local residents present. From the remaining third who wish The Association to continue, the Chairperson will ask for nominations to form a Committee. In the event that no-one stands forward the Chairperson will take the opinion of the majority vote and dissolve The Association.

After approval of the motion to dissolve The Association the Chairperson will undertake to settle all outstanding bills, return any balance of any grants from funding bodies that may have been paid directly to The Association. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of proper debts and liabilities will be applied towards the charitable benefit of the local residents of the area as the Committee may put forward.

Any proposal will be put to the meeting for approval. All records of The Association,  including all financial records, will be handed to an appropriate Officer of the Cheltenham Borough Council. This Constitution was formally adopted as “The Constitution of The Reddings Residents’ Association” at the formation meeting held on:

Date March 2020
Signed ………………………. Chairperson
Signed ………………………. Secretary

This Constitution should be kept on file and made available to local residents on request.