Local Wildlife

Previous planning applications in The Reddings have, despite the semi-rural nature of the area, had GCER (Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records) advising that there is almost no wildlife in The Reddings. TRRA have questioned this obvious anomaly with GCER and they have stated that their advice is limited by the restricted nature of Cheltenham Borough Council’s requests.

GCER’s records of wildlife, flora and fauna in The Reddings are in fact much more extensive as they should be – a Wildlife Report compiled by local resident Richard Hale in 2017 confirms as much.

We have suggested that the Local Plan be amended to ensure that appropriate requests are made and that residents are made aware of GCER and the need to keep them updated in order to maintain biodiversity and geodiversity, as the plan aspires to.

To that end we encourage residents to record and report all wildlife sightings in the area so that the records are as complete and up to date as possible.

Advice on how to submit a sighting is available from the GCER website here:
Submit a wildlife sighting

However GCER are currently updating their procedures and the current guidelines for reporting wildlife sightings are as follows:

Email sightings to Linda Moore on linda.moore@gloucestershirewildlifetrust.co.uk

What she requires is: Who recorded it; What was seen; Where (a grid reference is useful as well as a description) and When – the date it was seen. A photo is nice but not essential. It is really helpful to them to have OS grid references and for this they recommend their grid reference finder:


Please also copy any reported sightings to TRRA so that we are able to check that information is filtering through the system and appearing on future information requests.

Photos are not necessary but we would also appreciate those, if available, to post and maintain a public record of interest on this site.