The Reddings Residents’ Association (TRRA) is back!

By now you should all have had a card or flyer through your door about our community response to the Covid-19 crisis. The feedback has been very positive and as well as identifying a few people in need of help, has resulted in quite a few new volunteers. Each card had contact details of a person living in your immediate area written on the front and you may have spoken to them or another local volunteer already. They should be your first point of call, but you can contact any of the numbers on the list. If anyone that you don’t know knocks on your door offering help, ask to see ID and if you have any concerns you can call one of us to make sure they are who they say they are.

Many of you will be aware that The Reddings Residents’ Association became dormant last year when it was unable to attract enough people willing to form a management committee or stand as officers, which is required in the constitution. Unsurprisingly this has now changed and the group of volunteers have agreed a new temporary committee be formed to coordinate our efforts during the Covid-19 crisis. Channelling our efforts through TRRA also helps us in dealings with Cheltenham Borough Council and other public bodies. The three officers that were “volunteered” for the officer positions were Rich Minors as Treasurer, Simon Willis as Secretary and Cliff Naylor as Chair. Once this crisis is over, hopefully we can resume regular TRRA meetings and elect new officers as required. If anyone objects to these temporary appointments or wants to stand for these positions please do not hesitate to make contact.

Previously TRRA kept a mailing list and members received updates via email. If you wish to be included on the distribution (or removed), please send a private message.

An updated version of the TRRA constitution has been posted on this site, the main change being redrawing the boundary to cover The Reddings area only, no longer including Bamfurlong which is over the border in Tewkesbury. We can of course continue to work with residents in Bamfurlong as necessary. Another action we have taken is to arrange a bank account to handle any monies that we might receive, either as donations or grants from the local authorities.

We will continue to post updates on Facebook and continue to update this website to provide information and links to official information issued by central and local government and other agencies such as the NHS.

Cliff Naylor, Simon Willis and Rich Minors

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